Activities in Andros

Activities in Andros

Explore Andros and ask our staff about arranging any of the many excursions and experiences available to you:

  • Windsurfing & S.U.P. at WeSurfin' Club
  • Visits to museums and Scenic Monasteries
  • Endless hiking trails
  • Beautiful waterfalls
  • Ancient history and ruins
  • Springs of Menites and the Pithara waterfall
  • An amazing variety of beaches to suit all tastes.  
Tai Chi Qigong - Mare Vista Hotel

Tai Chi Qigong

The Mare-Vista Epaminondas Hotel and Ariana Masselou can give you a chance to relax and reduce stress by escaping the fast pace of everyday life.

The ancient Chinese healing system of Tai Chi, which was originally developed for self defence, evolved into an alternative way to wake up your body and release yourself from stress. Its techniques of breathing, meditation and gentle movements strengthen the circulation of the energy in both the body and mind.

Tai Chi Qigong is an effective healing system, which involves slow body movements that are accompanied by deep breathing and can be practised by anyone, of any age and physical condition.There are simple or more complex types of Qigong and the vast selection of exercises makes it possible to meet everybody’s different needs.

Feel free to ask our staff for more information and rates.
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